Competitive AdvantagesKey Features

  • Automatic Mechanical Locking

    No pins or hooks, no more crawling under the truck to lock your hi-rail in place.

  • Easy Straight Forward Deployment

    Simple hydraulic deployment up and down.

  • Easy Installation

    No welding required, hi-rail is shipped fully assembled or installed by Continental if requested.

  • Rubber Suspension

    Improves contact with track at high crossing, less likely to de-rail (improving safety), quieter, more comfortable ride.

  • Drop Forged Wheels as Standard

    Last significantly longer than cast or surface treated wheels.

Welcome to Continental Railworks

Founded in 1997, Continental Railworks has become an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of highway-railway (hi-rail) conversion units, which permit normal road-going maintenance vehicles to travel on railway track.

Continental Railworks is located in Montreal, Canada, and is associated with an extensive network of hi-rail installation and maintenance companies throughout North America. Offering a full line of hi-rail equipment solutions, Continental has a model to fit anything from a full-size pickup to a heavy range of maintenance vehicles.

Continental also provides railway maintenance vehicle assembly, including bodies, cranes, hi-rail, hydraulics, lighting and electrical systems.

Our customers range from Class I Railroads to mining companies in Northern Canada to small construction or maintenance companies that have hi-rail needs.

Continental’s hi-rail products are renowned for their reliability, simplicity to deploy, ease of installation, light-weight and quick turnaround time in terms of service and parts. We are nimble and our team of engineers can design a product specific to your needs.

Contact our engineering team for further details.